Keycap slight differences in reflectiveness?

Curious if I’m seeing things or if anyone else has keycaps such that one half seems more matte than the other half.

I just got my second Model 100 and it seems like the keycaps for one half are more matte than the other half. Probably wouldn’t show up on a picture and I’ve got the translucent keycaps I’m going to put on anyways. But I just thought I’d bring it up.

I only have one M100, but both sides have the same matteness as far as I can tell.

The standard keycaps that came with my model 100 match on both halves, however the linear A and colemak keycaps I received are noticeably less black and shiny than the standard qwerty keys.

My Linear A keys on both halves are a very attractive matte (that I will be sad to lose once they inevitably shine).