LTB Keyboardio Model 01 Case in US



I ordered my Keyboardio Model 01 case in the last (March) Kickstarter batch, and I am leaving the country for a while in a week so it looks like it won’t arrive in time. Would anyone who ordered earlier be willing to part with theirs?


(Jorge Bucaran) #2

Hi Seth.

Are you buying or are you selling? I’m not clear about what you mean.


(Gergely Nagy) #3

“LTB” stands for “Looking to buy”, and Seth’s appears to looking to buy one.

(I moved it to the “For Sale” category, because we don’t (yet?) have a better one.)


Yes, apologies - I’m trying to get my hands on a case before I depart.

(Jorge Bucaran) #5

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying.

Seth: FYI I’m selling one.

(Jon) #6

I’d be happy to sell mine. When it arrived I took it out of the box and spent a total of five minutes with it, and decided I am too aged to retrain my muscle memory so I put it back into the box where it has remained since. So it is absolutely as close to unused as can be.

$250 and free shipping to the US.


I am actually not looking to purchase a keyboardio…already have one. What I need is the travel case for it, which was recently released via Kickstarter.

In any event, I’m leaving the country for a while so this is moot.

(Jon) #8

enjoy your trip. your misinterpreted query was motivation for me to open a topic to sell mine, so thank you for that.

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