[sold] As new Model1 - Australia

Item: An Unused Model1 With Case
This is an as new, unused Keyboardio Model 1, with travel case, below cost price, plus it comes with the travel case!
Why am I selling? - I have decided to cull my rather extensive keyboard collection as I need to space.

Price: $500 AUD + shipping ($10-20 Within Australia) - I will figure it out - but I might just wear the shipping cost.

Condition: New - I never really used it, it was bought mainly for my collection, and these days I really don’t 'computer that much anymore. :frowning:
It is still in it’s box. Got all it’s bits, cables, screwdriver, etc…
Whats Included, all as new and unused:

  1. Laminated keyboard map card
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Left Keyboard Half - wing?
  4. Right Keyboard Half - wing?
  5. Attachment Bracket x2
  6. Tenting foot x2
  7. tending foot thumb screw x2
  8. Long RJ45 cable
  9. Short RJ45 cable
  10. USB C cable
  11. Model 1 Travel Case
  12. shipping box
  13. shipping box top insert
  14. travel case shipping box

Location: Perth Western Australia
Please email me : mikey.weaver@gmail.com

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:


Still for sale? If so, what price are ya looking for cause retail price for used is dreaming!

Hi Adam,
At current exchange rate, if your talking new, that would be a landed price of $674.27AUD
So for a still in box, unused keyboard with case, asking $500AUD is hardly dreaming,… it’s a great deal!

Hi Mike, I’m interested in this and have sent you an email.

This Keybnoard has now sold- thanks so much everyone.

Thanks for the update. Do you mind update the post title to include [SOLD] in the beginning?