Model 01 for sale - Melbourne, Australia - 400 AUD + shipping

Item: Keyboardio Model 01, quiet-click
Price: 400 AUD + shipping (or pickup)
Condition: Good, used from end of 2019 onwards
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Hey folks! I’m looking at downscaling as I’ll be moving overseas soon. The Model 01 has served me well, but I’d like to see it go to a good home. I have all of the boxes and accessories, so you’ll be getting the full experience - including the octostands, cables, cards, and more. Flashed with the latest Chrysalis-Kaleidoscope firmware, so customisation is as easy as ever.

Here’s a photo of it:

Can’t seem to edit the post or the title for some reason, but I’m now looking for 300 AUD :slight_smile:

I happen to be searching for a secondary ‘butterfly’.
Could you elaborate a bit more about accessories. Standard or additional items like travel-case and keycaps?
looking forward

Hi x1r,

I have all of the standard accessories and the travel case, but no custom keycaps.


How soon could you be able to ship?
you can dm me over