Map the Prog key

Due to an issue, I temporarily mapped another key to where the PROG key was. Now I can’t figure out how to remap it as it seems to appear nowhere in the list? :thinking:

You may find it by looking at the default Qwerty keymap (and becarefully NOT saving it :thinking: )

Happy hacking !

Thanks for the hint, looks like it is only mapped as “Transparent” there either…

I think It’s ok to map any key to the prog key. Otherwise ___ (transparent) is fine too.

I need my prog key to do double duty on my Atreus because there are so few keys: it locks the function layer and it has the butterfly symbol printed on it. I also use it on my Model01 where it’s a leader key.

IOW it still works as the prog key whatever is in your keymap. It can have two functions.