Maple wood, country of origin and is it treated?

I would like to bring my keyboardio with me to New Zealand. There are quite strict biosecurity checks on entry to the country to avoid bringing in new pests. Does anyone know the country of origin of the maple used in these keyboards and if the wood is treated?

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According to this backer update, the wood is Canadian Maple. And this other one explains how the enclosure’s wood is treated.

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I live in Australia, which has similar biosecurity controls.

I wouldn’t worry; pretty much anything made of machined and polished wood (not to mention treated with a polymer coating as the Model 01 case is) should be completely fine.

The stuff that they’re looking out for is generally much more “raw” or unprocessed items that may still harbour pests; dried grasses, wood that’s likely to still have lots of moisture, and stuff with dirt still clinging to it. As long as your Model 01 case isn’t carved from a fallen log fresh from the forest floor, I wouldn’t worry :smile:

If you’ve got boots or shoes with foreign grass or dirt still clinging to them, though? They’ll probably take those for a few minutes and give them a thorough cleaning.

At inspection at the border, agriculture and fisheries removed and inspected my tent. I declared the wood in the keyboard but they did not want to see it.