[Meta] Central “Everything” Wiki for as-yet Ungathered Information?

I feel like we need an “everything” wiki; there’s a whole lot of info that hasn’t been gathered anywhere.

Whenever I mention my Model 01 online and want to link to an authoritative page describing what it is, I’m at a complete loss. Whenever I want to look into getting tripod hardware to mount it on, I have to remember, or search for the kind of mount it has, rather than use a handy bookmark that tells me everything about it—and the result never says anything about that extra hole it has that some tripod hardware can use to stabilize the yaw. And even on keyboard.io, the pictures used in the store for the keycap variants don’t show all the keys (though I went ahead and ordered the dvorak caps recently, anyway).

I used to just link to keyboard.io, but what Model 01 info it had is all gone now. Moreover, a lot of pertinent info (e.g. as exposited in Jesse’s frequent updates) has just never been put into one organized place before, as far as I can tell.

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