Mount hole info

I am waiting for my model01 to arrive and was hoping to order some ram components to arrive at a similar time. I have been trying to find data on the mount hole in the back of each half, so as to know what components/parts to search for that will fit it. I had a boys look and couldn’t find anything concrete.

Any chance someone could link me to the location detailing the mount hole size, or give me a clue here?


  • Each half of the keyboard features a standard 1/4-20 camera tripod mount, perfect for building a custom keyboard stand.


Thanks Algernon. P.S - I think it was you who convinced me to buy this keyboard over on the emacs subreddit, after I posted a thread on an alternative keyboard raising funds on kickstarter. So I suppose that means a double thanks is order. :slight_smile:

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I actually read that info on the home page initially and my mind kind of glossed over it since I’ve never been a camera guy, never owned a camera, let alone a tripod. But now I did a quick google of what a tripod mount is, I’m thinking, “doh”.