Small world - a tale of buying custom mounts

A funny thing happened today. I went to an electronics shop to find some mounts for the Model01. I was looking through the available camera mounts, trying to imagine how I’d use them to achieve my desired setup (~40 degrees tenting), when a helpful member of the staff came up to me and asked if they help: what kind of camera do I have, what I’m looking for in a mount, and so on. He looked a bit surprised when I told him it’s not for a camera, but for my ergonomic, split keyboard.

But that’s not the funny part.

The funny part is that he knew what I was talking about!

– The one with the wooden enclosure? Model01 or what’s it called?
– Yeah.
– So cool! I’ve been following their updates! Did you know there’s this Hungarian guy working on their firmware?
– Haha, yes! We’re everywhere. I also happen to know that person.
– No waaay!
– Yep. We’re pretty close too.
– Tell him I said hi!
– Will do!

But that’s still not the end of it!

We chatted a bit while selecting the mount (this one by the way), he was very enthusiastic, very nice fellow. We ended up exchanging e-mail addresses, I said I’ll Cc him when saying hi. He gave me his, and I gave him mine, so he’ll expect it, and wouldn’t mark it as spam or anything. I start telling him my address…

– algernon@madhouse-…
– Now you’re fucking with me.

That face he had, it was priceless. The sudden realization that I’m that Hungarian guy. So sweet.

Will shop there again! Luckily, they also have laptop sleeves, and I happen to need one for transporting… something that is not a laptop. :wink:


And now this hungarian guy writes not only software but prose, too. Very nice storry!


Great story.

Jesse started a revolution. You’d be a colonel Nagy.


Hello @algernon! I was wondering how you set up the tripods at ~40 degrees so that they don’t tip over or move as you apply pressure. Do you have a mock-up of your setup you’d be willing to share with us?


The mounts I have aren’t the most stable things. They do trip over or move when I apply higher pressure. I type kinda lightly, though, so it’s not that big of a deal. I also built a trivial little frame from leftover wood I had around that keeps the legs stable, and improves stability a little. It is still too fragile, and I would not recommend it for daily use.

For me, this is a temporary, reasonably cheap way to test if I like the angle (I do), but is not the final solution. I’ve yet to figure out how to do it better.

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Out of curiosity, what angle to you hold them at? Also do you have them separated far apart or relatively close together? I’ve been considering modeling a stand which could hold them both at a relatively steep angle but with one piece of plastic so that they stay rigid. I’ve got a pretty big 3d printer, so it wouldn’t be that hard to print the entire stand all at once :slight_smile: More details would be awesome!

At a guess, about 50 degrees.

Somewhere in between - there’s space between the two for a trackball, and then some.

That makes a lot of things much easier :slight_smile:

Interesting. How do you deal with the extra added height from the tripod mount? I feel like that would make it hard to get chair position correct.

I have an adjustable desk, and most of the time, I stand. Everything on my desk is adjusted to working at a standing position, keyboard included.