Microphone Mute?

Is there a key code to mute the system microphone input? I’m using Chrysalis. I don’t see it in the keymap or additional media key options.

From what I can tell, there is no way to mute the system microphone via the keyboard directly, it will require some kind of help from the host side. If you can set up a key binding to mute it, something funky like Windows+Alt+Shift+F8, then you can map that key in Chrysalis. Other than that, I don’t think it’s possible.

Thanks, does appear to be more difficult than just muting the speaker. This would be for a work computer that’s pretty locked down so not sure there’s a path forward for me.

On Windows MS Powertoys is an option.

Thanks for the hint, Peter. I might be able to convince our IT team to allow Windows powertoys. Surprisingly this option doesn’t come up in any searches for Windows+microphone+mute and is the closest thing to an OS option it appears.

Here’s a direct link to anyone coming across the thread in the future. If I can get this installed I should be able to assign to a single key push, I think. PowerToys Video Conference Mute utility for Windows | Microsoft Learn