Model 100 and true emulation in KVM switch

Hello Keyboardio Community!

Im working on many pc’s at once (two clients and private stuff) and my solution for using the same keyboard, mouse and display is KVM switch (now I’m using MiraBox stuff).

This unit (switch) got four USB input ports - two of them works like a normal USB pass, but next two are special ports with emulation of static input device. So when I’m using emulated ports OS didn’t notice hardware switch (it’s all the time plugged in PLANEX Microsoft device).

Keyboardio is working nice with pass ports, but emulated one does not work. I tested it with Kinesis Advantage 2 - emulated ports works fine, but additional features are off (like enabling internal storage).

After this pretty long introduction of my setup i want to ask - is there any possibility to work with my Model 100 like with normal keyboard, on emulated port? I don’t need fancy features, just send standard keypresses to the host.

It’s pretty important for me, because on of clients is monitoring USB ports - switching on and off kbd and mouse is SUS :).

Thank You and have a nice day!

You might try putting together custom firmware that only enables BootKeyboard (and not the NKRO keyboard) - Most devices that try to proxy or emulate USB HID devices don’t actually implement enough of the spec to handle everything we’re doing in the Model 100.

That said, we are working on some firmware improvements that might make things work better in the nest month or so.