KVM + Model01 (Need a recommend from anyone who has managed to use a KVM)


I tried to use an old USB KVM https://www.iogear.com/product/GCS632U/ where I am really only using the KM functionality, but I found the Model01 failed to work. There was some odd behavior with the LEDs and I think the main problem was the power draw via the KVM is too great. I adjusted my firmware to disable the LEDs but still no joy.

Does anyone else use their Model01 with a keyboard/mouse switch, and if so what model do you use?

( On a side note I still need to get HostOS working but I was wondering does the detection occur in every cycle of the loop or is it a one time thing when the keyboard boots? )

(Gergely Nagy) #2

It’s a one-time thing, because it is rather costy. If I remember correctly, re-detection can be forced, so you could set up a timer to run it every once in a while. Mind you, OS detection is… unreliable at best. :confused:


I think I may need to give up on detection and just have a way to switch between two sets of keymaps.

(Siew Yi Liang) #4

I have a Model 01 on order and I use KVMs both at work and at home so we’ll find out soon. I hope I won’t have to end up selling it. I’m hopeful, though, because I’ve used RGB Mistel Baraccos both at home and at work and those seem to work fine, so unless the Model 01’s power draw is higher than that of the Baracco it should be fine. I have a IOGear MiniView Pro at work, and an Avocent SV240D at home.


It would be good to know how your testing goes. I have another IOgear switch is a bit more modern but is also a passive device in that it takes power from the USB ports. I will test that one today.

(Andrew McCauley) #6

I’ve heard good things about this “software KVM”, but have no idea if it would work with keyboardio: https://symless.com/synergy. Obviously won’t help with switching monitors though, so may not be applicable, but it’s nice that you can drag and drop files in addition.


In my case both computers cannot see each other over the network so Synergy is not an option.

(Siew Yi Liang) #8

So the keyboard finally arrived today and as expected, I can’t flash it through the KVM, which is a massive time sink. The keyboard works fine while I use the KVM though, even with all the LEDs on at the same time.

(David Aue) #9

Mine is currently running on a ConnectPro UD-12+ without issue.