KVM Switch - Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock + Enter

I am trying to find the correct key code for Scroll Lock. I use a KVM, and the default for switching between computers is Scroll lock + scroll lock + enter. I have tried Key_LockingScrollLock and Key_ScrollLock but neither is working properly. The KVM doesn’t recognize the key presses. I tried as a macro, and just assigning a key to Scroll lock and manually doing the clicks.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

My macro is below, the enum was properly updated, if I put other keys in the macro, it works fine.

Tr(Key_ScrollLock), Tr(Key_ScrollLock), Tr(Key_Enter) );

Thank you for your assistance!

To clarify, it didn’t work when you manually pressed scroll lock, scroll lock, enter either?

That is correct. I updated my keymap to set the butterfly key to Key_ScrollLock and Key_LockingScrollLock, neither worked. I confirmed my keymap updated correctly by putting Key_Semicolon on the butterfly key, and it worked properly.

My only thought is that maybe the OS is using a slightly different keymap? i.e. the layout is set as something other that pc105 and so it’s seeing scroll lock as something else.

What OS are you using? On Linux, you can use something like xev to see what the OS is interpreting each keypress as.

Using Windows 10. I suspect it is a KVM issue, and am working through the options in the KVM to identify what it could be.

Is there any chance you could use some form of key logger to see what’s actually being sent? On Linux, xev could do that.

Once we know what’s being sent, we can 100% generate the same events.

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Any recommendations for a key logger? I can install the keylogger plugin if that will work.

To clarify, I’m looking for the logs from your regular keyboard, not from the Model 01. Though getting both is even better.

Grrr… there was an issue with the KVM, but fixing it didn’t solve the issue.

I disabled the KVM’s keyboard emulation, and switched the Model01 into the KVM’s “keyboard” USB port. That allows the Model01 to work properly through the KVM, and is required for the KVM port switch hotkey to work. However, it still doesn’t work.

Also tried switching the KVM’s hotkey to Ctrl + ctrl+ enter and it still doesn’t work with the Model 01. I confirmed CTRL works, by using CTRL +C and CTRL + V, but the KVM doens’t recognize the CTRL+CTRL+Enter.

Checking with the KVM manufacturer to find out if they know anything.

This is what I send using my old keyboard. the keylogger didn’t receive the Enter at the end.

OnKeyDown, Key code=145, Control keys=, Key name SCROLL LOCK
OnKeyup, Key code=145, Control keys=, Key name SCROLL LOCK

OnKeyDown, Key code=145, Control keys=, Key name SCROLL LOCK
OnKeyup, Key code=145, Control keys=, Key name SCROLL LOCK

The keylogger received the same when I used the model 01, but the KVM didn’t respond to it at all.

KVM manufacturer’s support was not very helpful, all they had to say was “The built in emulation is looking for a basic 104 key wired keyboard , no guarantee with anything else”

I am resigning myself that I may not be able to use the keyboard shortcut on the KVM, but have to use the physical buttons on the KVM.

Oh. To make the keylogger effective you’d need to plug the keyboard
straight into the computer, rather than the KVM, before executing the
command sequence since it’s going to change the output.


I’ve had the same problem until tonight.:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve notices that the input port are dedicated to mouse or keyboard althout it’s not printed on the device…

Check the quick start guid to ensure that keyboard is pluged into keyboard slot and mouse into mouse slot.

If the connection is wrong, it will work partially (mouse work and keyboard types) but the hotkeys won’t work.

After a right connection, scroll twice followed by enter change the active port (1 or 2)!

I hope it’ll help you.

Enjoy it!

I was having these same issues, and nothing I tried was working, so I wrote up a simple tool to send the double scroll lock signal to my KVM – it can even be assigned to a key combo: https://github.com/benjaminstout/osx-kvm

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What I found with the 2x1 Model is you have to press 3 times the scroll lock key and the 1 or 2 / Enter