Model 100 support in QMK

Is anyone currently working on support for the Model 100 in QMK?
If not, I’ll give it a go.

I’d appreciate any hints or gotchas.


I asked about this in the discord channel and @algernon mentioned he could help anyone interested in doing this to the best of his abilities

To be best of my knowledge, noone is working on Model 100 support in QMK. I expect it will be harder to port than the Model01, because in that case, QMK already had plenty of keyboards that used the same kind of MCU (ATmega32U4). In case of the Model 100, the MCU is from the GD32F30x family, which no other keyboard currently supported by QMK mainline uses. So you’ll have to port the entire thing, rather than just the Model100 parts.

Presumably I can base the work on the support that was added for the Proton-C as the STM32 appears fairly similar apart from the obvious differences in memory and clock speed.

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