Model 100 with Karabiner

I’m running into a challenge getting my Model 100 to play nice with Karabiner-Elements on my Mac. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Karabiner sees the Model 100 as 3 devices: a keyboard, a mouse, and a combined keyboard+mouse.

  • If Karabiner is set to modify events from just the keyboard device, Karabiner doesn’t actually modify anything and the Model 100 works properly.

  • If Karabiner is set to modify events from the combined keyboard+mouse, Karabiner modifies keystrokes correctly, but the Mac-specific keymappings on my Model 100 (Expose and Globe) no longer do anything. (Brightness and volume controls still work, however.)

  • The Karabiner event viewer doesn’t show any events when I press those Mac-specific keys. It shows all the other keypresses correctly.


  1. Has anyone gotten Karabiner working with their Model 100 in a way that preserves the Mac-specific keys?

  2. Alternately, has anyone used Karabiner to generate Expose and Globe keypresses using Karabiner?

  3. My main use case for Karabiner is an ‘o-mode’ where I hold down o to open or switch to specific apps/windows. (e.g. osascript -e 'tell application \"%s\" to activate'.) Is Alfred+Powerpack my best bet for that if I dump Karabiner? Or is there another solution that keeps the Mac keys working while also letting me fire off scripts to switch/open windows?


Found a solution: MacOS lets you assign shortcut keys to Expose and Globe. So rather than use the Mac keys in Chrysalis, I mapped Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Cmd-Space to those keys.