Compatibility Issue with Karabiner Elements Configuration - How to make "Control-x h" work as select all instead of "Command a" on a macOs?

I’ve been utilizing a Keychron K2 alongside Karabiner Elements on
macOS for an Emacs-friendly setup, enabling shortcuts like “C-x h” to select-all
system-wide, which aren’t native to macOS. This configuration has been
instrumental in enhancing my productivity by aligning with Emacs

See my config file for karabiner elements:

However, upon transitioning to the Keyboardio Model 100, I noticed
that the “C-x h” command, which worked seamlessly with the Keychron
K2, failed to execute. This has significantly impacted my workflow,
and I’m keen to find a resolution. It also affects other customizations such as Emacs paste (yank) with Control-y.

Is there any known compatibility issue or workaround for integrating
Karabiner Elements configurations with the Keyboardio Model 100?

Alternatively, can such customizations (e.g… doing select all with “Control-x h” instead of “Command-a” be achieved through Chrysalis
to replicate the Emacs-centric experience I’ve grown accustomed to?

Have you checked the karabiner log window to see exactly what keys the Model 100 is sending? I’ve used Karabiner with both the Model 01 and the 100, so it certainly can work…

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