How to program keyboard shortcut in Model 100

I would like the following keyboard shortcut Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4 to be programmed under Fn + c, but I don’t know how that is done in Chrysalis. It’s the screenshot-area-copy-to-clipboard-shortcut for Mac.

I use this keyboard shortcut a lot for work, but it’s a drag to push all four buttons on the Model 100. :sweat_smile:

Never mind. Found it already. :slight_smile:

This is going to help me out even more.:grinning: Already got more shortcuts added. Wonderful!

Hi @Dennis,

Would you mind sharing how you did it? I’d love to create some keyboard combo shortcuts like the ones you mentioned. Thank you in advance!

****Oh, never mind, I figured it out too! :grinning:

@BettyT Good to hear. I didn’t found the time yet to answer your message. :grinning:

Next up: shortcuts to work better in salesforce :confounded:

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