Mouse key being stuck sometimes

I sometimes get a situation where the mouse key seems to be stuck down. It is like my mouse is clicked and won’t unclick. If I disconnect and reconnect the keyboard, things work.

This is on a stock keyboard on OSX.

Anyone seen anything like this?

Yes I get this from time to time to fix it I usually spam the mouse keys a bit and it clears it up. I get this on on both linux and windows.

If I remember correctly, there were a few bug fixes related to this, which may not have made it into the factory firmware. If you can, try upgrading to latest git master (especially the MouseKeys plugin).

Do you have the newest firmware? I remember seeing this before, but I think it has been fixed in newer versions of the libraries.

I think I updated the plugin I just ran make update-submodules in the hardware directory and flashed it.
Hopefully that fixes it for me idk how to reproduce the bug as it happened to me seemingly at random.

There are some reproduction steps here:

(click the link, takes you to the steps directly)

Thanks, xev shows the button release using those steps so should be fixed.

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Had this issue too. Thanks for the fix!

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One of my left keys has stopped working.Don’t know why. I tried to reprogram the board and now I’m getting a message about low memory and can’t use it at all. I was able to get my old Ergodox hooked up but getting used to that again is a challenge.