New Plugin: Hlwm (show tag/workspace status of herbstluftwm tiling window manager using LEDs)

Plugin name: Hlwm
Author: Florian Bruhin / The-Compiler
Source URL: (for now, the HlwmPlugin.cpp, HlwmPlugin.h and in there - might move to a separate repository if there’s interest in it)


This is a plugin I wrote as a Sunday afternoon project, before actually learning to type properly on a Model 01 I got from a friend (I’m getting closer, though!).

A small Python script gets updates about workspace status from herbstluftwm (the window manager I use), and sends them to the keyboard via Focus. The keyboard then runs the plugin, which displays the assigned colors when Cmd/Win/Mod4 (the key I use for window management) is held:

On the picture you can see:

  • 1 and 3 being shown on non-focused monitors (yellow)
  • 2 being shown on the focused monitor (green)
  • 4 showing an urgent window (red)
  • 5 having windows but not being displayed (purple)

For other window managers which can be extended in the same way (providing some kind of hook when the workspace status changed), it should be easy to adjust the Python script accordingly.