Numeric keypad options

I’m starting this thread because I’ve lost track of which other threads we’ve discussed numeric keypads in. :slight_smile:

In the current default firmware, it appears that there is a toggle key to enable/disable an embedded 10-key under the right hand - this being a distinct layer from the Fn-layer. I have a couple of discussion points (which I don’t yet have answers to):

  1. Should we have a num-shift as well as a num-toggle functionality? @antevens and I suggested on another thread that triggering both Fns could be a Fn-lock (for navigation and mouse keys). Could/should we do something similar with num?

  2. Would it be a good idea to have a 10-key numpad under the left hand as either an optional or default feature? I ask because the original 10-key numpad (back in the days of xerox parc) was supposed to be driven by the left hand, while the right hand used the mouse. This is because it was optimised for entering numbers into spreadsheets. Would this still be a desirable feature?

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I don’t know of anyone who uses/has implemented this, I imagine retraining for that is just like retraining for any layout, I guess it would make more sense in one way and that’s the ability to use the mouse with the right hand while entering data with the left.

I work this way, I have a separate 10 key pad for numpad work, and it is just like retraining anything else, and very helpful when you need to number/mouse a lot. I personally would like to have the num pad under both hands.

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