OneShot indicator LEDs have vanished

I am playing around with custom compiled firmware, it may well be that I did something that causes this problem, but I don’ know what this can be.

Usually the OneShot modifiers are lighted when activated (white for one-shot, red for locked). But they don’t do this anymore. They remain black. Also the upper right key on the left half used to breath green when powering the keyboard on. That also doesn’t happen anymore.

All the colors configured via Colormap plugin do work.

I switched back to an older version of my firmware (where I am rather sure it was working well), but it does not work there either.

Can someone help me what can be the problem here?

The plugin you need to highlight one-shot keys is LED-ActiveModColor. If you have that plugin set up, but it’s still not working, I can probably help you fix the problem if you share your sketch.

Yes! That was the problem. I can’t remember that I had activated this plugin once. And apparently deactivated it for some strange reason.

Many thanks!

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