LED signal for Oneshot status

Is it possible to have the Oneshot status indicated by the LEDs? Meaning, when I double-tap on control, it would be nice if there was a visible clue that I’m in ‘control’ mode until I disable it.

Sometimes I forget, or get interrupted, leading to some confusion as I have to guess which modifier is stuck when I start typing again.

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Check this thread:

I believe that’s the plug-in that does exactly what you want…


Indeed it does! Thanks

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Does this still work for you? I just added it to my sketch, however, the LEDs, once switched on, won’t turn off again, independent of one shot key status. Anyone running into similar issues?

Fixed the issue: Turning off the LEDs requires an active LED mode, which I didn’t have. Including and activating LEDOff did the trick.

Thanks, @algernon.

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