Palm keys not working on iPad Pro

I have a Model 01 and a 2020 iPad Pro running iPad OS 13.5.1. The Model 01 firmware is pretty standard: dvorak layout with some extra LED themes and a couple of keys customized.

It works fine on my Mac, but on my iPad, I have found that the palm keys aren’t registering. Palm-R should be “[”, but I’m just getting an “r”.

I’ve tried this with and without a usb hub. Other modifier keys (shift, command, control) all seem to be okay.

Has anyone seen this? Any pointers on what’s happening?


Have you tried playing with the keyboard layout settings on your iPad?

I don’t have one myself, but I know from experience with other layouts like Norwegian that “[” turns into “å”. I now always use English International with AltGr combinations to input non-latin characters.

That was it! It’s working fine now.


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