Parentheses on default layout


I took a look at the default layout of the Model 01 and was surprised that I could not find any mappings for opening and closing parentheses. Does this mean, that SpaceCadet is enabled by default?


By default they’d be on Shift-9 and Shift-0, assuming a US or similar layout.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I just wondering about that, because it’s not printed on the layout card.

Nor are any of the other punctuation marks that are on the number keys.

But then, the lower-case versions of the letters aren’t printed on the card either.

The two may seem unrelated if you aren’t deeply familiar with the way that computers read keyboards, but they are actually the same mechanism. To the OS (in a default English QWERTY keymap) interpreting shift-9 as ‘(’ is as natural as interpreting shift-a as ‘A’.

I expect that the layout reference card was prepared by people who have worked at the low-level for so long that it’s all second-nature to them and leaving those symbols off seemed like a reasonable trade-off to minimize clutter. Especially for the ‘7’, ‘8’, and ‘9’ keys which also have the numlock variants on them.


This makes actually a lot of sense. Thank you for that explanation. :blush: