Release tags on submodules

I’m trying to debug an issue now that originates in one of the submodules of Arduino-Boards. I’ve found a tagged version of Arduino-Boards where it’s working. Now I’m working on trying to find the change where the bug first appeared, but my task is made more difficult by the fact that the submodules are not tagged with the same version numbers as Arduino-Boards, so I have to go back to the parent and check out a different version of everything in order to just look up the commit id for one of the submodules. This process would be made much easier if the tags in Arduino-Boards were applied to the submodules, too. That way, I could see those tags in the logs when looking at a submodule, not just the parent.

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We should also start versioning plugins properly, for similar reasons. But tagging them would be great too. Mind you, we were working with @jesse on restructuring the plugins, and it may make sense to wait with the tagging until that happens, because that will shake the tags up quite a bit.

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Not sure if this helps.

cd .../Arduino-Boards
git log -p -- libraries/ASubmodule
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If I remember this next time, it will help. Thanks!