Replacing Atreus keycaps

Hi, sorry for the beginner question here but I couldn’t quite figure it out with a search. I see the Atreus keycaps are listed as XDA profile. I did a search but I couldn’t quite figure out: does that mean I can only purchase other XDA-labeled keycaps? I find the black color a bit basic and would like to replace with other keycap sets, like those I see labeled as ortholinear, or even get some strange custom keycaps made. How do I know what will fit or not? Thanks for any help. Feel free to link me to the answer elsewhere if I’m overlooking this basic info.

Hello !

The Atreus (from Keyboardio Kickstarter campaign) use CherryMX mounts, so the keycaps must have this “crossed” mount system :

XDA is the profile of the keycap :

Some people like to have inverted DSA keycaps for the thumbs, and, of course, kustoms keycaps everywhere :slight_smile:

Like everything with non-standard keyboard : you’ll have to try things to find what fulfill your needs !


Thanks for the info. I take it that other key profiles will fit but weren’t the original intended profile, so maybe will be a strange fingertip-feel? For example, this says it is MT3 profile link and looks like it’s intended to slope down slightly.
I guess probably this means the lower profile keycaps are the best fit? And that keys need to be 1u size?

To those coming after me, I think I found some answers in the discord chat channel. In response to someone else’s questions Obra suggested possible keycap sets like this ortho one on Amazon, or this one or this one. Basically, if i understand correctly, it appears Planck keycap sets should work fine.

Does or will offer some keycap packs? Mostly spacing and/or modifier keys. I also like the super and fun keys, bummer the butterfly and “any” are just stickers. I looked around and found some xda, dsa, and g20 keycaps but the problem is that all the space, modifier, nav, etc keys are all the “wide” keys you’d get in a standard kb set.

I can’t find a shift, ctrl, enter keycap that’s the size of the text keycaps. They’re all double or triple wide. Or worse, spacebar size.

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Huh? My butterfly and any keys are not just stickers; they are engraved like the other keys.

I would like to find some engraved arrow keys, Del, Home, and End.

But the Atreus comes with these!

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You are correct, I found the butterfly and any key. I did not look thoroughly through the package, I just grabbed the keyboard and started playing. Thanks.

Yes, atreus comes with shift, enter, ctrl, but I’d like a second set. I plan on having a shift on each side, maybe an enter too.


For now, there is only the black Blank keycaps set available, but there was a survey about what users want, so when the pressure of the Atreus release will end, there will be time for the new sets…
(Linear-A powaaa !)

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I so badly want Linear-A or other long-buried symbols on the Atreus. Been hopping around AliExpess to see what’s available and while these look pretty nifty, they are also pretty pricey if I have to replace the whole keyboard!

We have plans to offer additional keycap sets. Nothing to announce yet.