Selling Model 01 Loud click. Willing to go 50/50 on shipping costs

Item: Model 01 Loud Click
Price: 270 USD
Condtion: Used.
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico but shipping to the US. Willing to go 50/ 50 on shipping costs depending on price.

I’m a software engineer who recently got laid off and even though I LOVE MY KEYBOARD and in normal circumstances I wouldn’t get rid of it, well… coronavirus has taken it’s toll and I no longer have a job and I need the money.

I would love to sell my keyboard next week. 250 usd for a keyboard in Mexico is a lot (and it’s worse with the current situation) and that’s why I’m willing to support you in any way I can with the shipping costs.

This is my home keyboard and before going into quarantine, I was using it once a week. For the last month or so, I’ve been using it everyday. Works like a charm.

No longer for sale…