Selling Model 01 Loud click. Willing to go 50/50 on shipping costs

Item: Model 01 Loud Click
Price: 270 USD
Condtion: Used.
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico but shipping to the US. Willing to go 50/ 50 on shipping costs depending on price.

I’m a software engineer who recently got laid off and even though I LOVE MY KEYBOARD and in normal circumstances I wouldn’t get rid of it, well… coronavirus has taken it’s toll and I no longer have a job and I need the money.

I would love to sell my keyboard next week. 250 usd for a keyboard in Mexico is a lot (and it’s worse with the current situation) and that’s why I’m willing to support you in any way I can with the shipping costs.

This is my home keyboard and before going into quarantine, I was using it once a week. For the last month or so, I’ve been using it everyday. Works like a charm.

No longer for sale…

I think that if you hit the “Solution” button the thread title will be updated to show that it has been sold, saving time for others who are searching for one to buy.