[sold] Keyboardio Model 01 (custom **red linear** switches) + RAM desk mounts (US/Chicago)

Item: Modded Model 01 w/ desk mounts
Price: $250 + shipping
Condtion: Used. Fully functional.
Location: Chicago, IL, US


$60 Matias Red Linear switches

$26 RAM short arms (x2)

$24 RAM ball wide-base (x2)

$60 Arkon camera mount clamp (x2)

$3 Monoprice retractable RJ45 cable


Model 01 w/Red Linear mod, serial #003045

Original octo-feet and screws

Original short RJ45 cable, USB cable, angled connector plate, flat connector plate, laminated keymap

Custom mounting equipment listed above

Condition: used, fully functional.

This awesome keyboard was my daily driver for 8 months so there is some keycap shining (visible in photos). Otherwise in great shape and I’m a little sad to see it go. Red linear mod was done carefully (see pics) and I confirmed all keys are working. I also experimented with rubber O-rings to reduce key travel distance, those are currently installed but if you don’t like them you can easily remove by popping off the caps and turning the keyboard upside down (or I’d be happy to remove them for you).

Free hand delivery anywhere in the Chicago Loop area, otherwise buyer pays shipping (guessing it will be like $25 given the weight) to continental US only.


Hello I’m interested could you send me a PM?

I’m interested, because I’ve been considering doing the Red-Linear swap myself.

What makes you want to give it up after so much invested?

I custom built a Dactyl Manuform a few months ago and ever since the Model 01 has been getting less and less use, so I’m selling the Model 01 to pay for a second DM (home + work).

The Model 01 palm key is still an inspired design and I’ll miss it. Using a thumb key on the DM just isn’t quite the same.

So what’s the difference with the red linear switches? How do they feel and sound?

Difference is considerable, the red linear switches are notably lighter - comparable to quieter cherry reds with a bit shorter total distance.

I’m interested. If you haven’t sold it, give me a call (480-707-2884) or email (dwyliu@gmail.com).


This item has likely sold (I don’t see how to edit the title on mobile, apologies).