For Sale: Two Model 01 Quiet Modified with Red Linear Keyswitches

Item: Two Model 01 keyboards with modified keyswitches (Red Linear)
Price: $100 each + shipping
Condtion: Used but cared for.
Location: 46268 (US Indianapolis, IN)

A bit more about the item:
I never could manage to make my fingers work around the curved key caps, I’ve switched to an Ergodox and can’t see myself going back now. In an effort to improve the feel of the keyboards and reduce my error rate I changed the keyswitches on both keyboards to the red linear style switches. While it helped, it wasn’t enough for me. I had two, one for home and one for the office. Now they’re just consuming space on a shelf.

Both keyboards are in working order with a few surface issues. One is currently sporting the clear key caps, the other a used QWERTY set. The used QWERTY set has normal wear for it’s age, the clear set is newer and doesn’t show wear as much. I have a brand new QWERTY and used QWERTY key cap sets I will be willing to part with as well, to whomever claims them first, free. I will also sell the case to anyone wanting it for $10 + shipping.

Hey there!

Would you be willing to ship one to Germany?




I’d be interested in the one with the QWERTY keycaps and the set of extra qwerty keys. Are these the one that came with it (wanting the original keys since they have specific heights/angles for this keyboard). I’d also take the case.

Shipping to Oakland.
Edit: Interested in both.


If you would consider shipping to Vancouver Canada, I would be interested in the whole set.



I’m interested in the case if you’ve still got it. Feel free to reply here or email me at my username at

Are either of these still available?

Hi. Do you still have at least one of the keyboards? I’m in Victoria, BC Canada. Is be interested to figure out shipping. Please let me know.


Live in Wisconsin, would be interested.

Is it still awailable?