[SOLD] Model 01 (Quiet Click) - Bristol UK

Item: Model 01 Keyboard, with original box
Price: £200 plus delivery
Condition: Very good - light use only
Location: Bristol, UK

After initial enjoyment, and some frustration, I just never got to integrating the Model 01 into my workflow. It’s been sitting in storage for about 6 months now. Time to sell and let someone else enjoy this amazing keyboard.

(Pics to follow!)

Hi Adam

Is it a quiet click model? If so, I’d be interested. I’m in the UK.

If you put up some photos, then I will dm you and arrange payment, if that suits.


It is indeed quiet click. Will upload pictures later today. Thanks!

Hey Adam

Do you still have this for sale?


Yes I do, apologies for the delay in getting pictures uploaded, I’ve been unwell this week.

Better late then never, here are pics of the keyboard.

I also have the original box which is not in the pictures.

Arrived safely - many thanks Adam.

Hi, could you please update the title to reflect the “Sold” status?