[sold] Quiet Click Model 01 PM2 (Los Angeles) $240 Shipped Cont US ONLY

(Darrenph1) #1

Item: Quiet Click Model 01 PM2
Price: $250 Shipped Continental US ONLY. Available for pickup or drop-off if local.
Condtion: Excellent
Location: Los Angeles

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures: Lightly used Quiet Click Model 01 PM2. Comes with all original items and I am including a 6’ Anker USB to USB C cable I used with it as I wanted a longer cable than the original.

(Dan) #2

I’m interested.

Any chance you’re near Old Pasadena or willing to meet there? I’ll be in LA on Wednesday evening and could hand you cash.

Otherwise PayPal?

(Darrenph1) #3

I don’t think I’d be able to make it out there during the week but if you’re available on the weekend I can make it happen.


(Devon ) #4

do you still have this available to purchase

(Darrenph1) #5

Yes, it is still available.

(Darrenph1) #6

Dropped the price by $20

(Darrenph1) #7

This is still available.


Hi Darren, what does PM2 mean?


(Darrenph1) #9

Production Model 2. I think they are up to Pm 5 or 6 now.


Thanks, what’s the difference in the runs?

(Darrenph1) #11

Not entirely sure. They pay for a certain amount for a run and them ship them out to fulfill orders. If there are any issues or changes to be made that will happen in the next run. I think the added a screwdriver in PM3 or 4 which the set I have doesn’t have. Someone on the forums might have more info. Everything works great though.

(Zhuolun Liu) #12

Hi there. Is this still available?

(Darrenph1) #13

Yes, the keyboard is still available.

(Zhuolun Liu) #14

How do you want to do the transaction? Can we talk about the details via email or PM?

(mikeeleat) #15

@darrenph1 Is the keyboard still available? Thank you.

(Darrenph1) #16

Yes it is still available.


(mikeeleat) #17

Wonderful, I live in Orange County. Would love to connect.