[Sold] Quiet Clickt Model 01 - Germany

(Matthjes) #1

Item: Model 01 QC May 2018
Price: 250 EUR (shipping excl.)
Condtion: Like new
Location: Munich, Germany

I’m selling my Model 01 because, Box and all items are available. I’m also including a red 25 - 30 cm RJ45 cable for connecting both sides.


oh God, I am tempted :wink:
Can you post (or mail me - stefan(ät)ploing.de) some pictures?
Is there a specific reason why you are selling your keyboard?

(Matthjes) #3


Attached you’ll find a picture of the keyboard. I’m currently at work, so the rest of the stuff is at home.

I cannot get used to it. I’ve had an Advantage Kinesis before and the migration does not work.

Best regards



getting used to it… I guess I have only one way to find out :wink:
Please drop me an email (gerne auf Deutsch, wenn das Deine Muttersprache ist) so we can sort out details about payment and shipping.

(Adrià Casajús) #5

Is it still available?

(Matthjes) #6


The keyboard is no longer available.