[Sold] Quiet Clickt Model 01 - Germany

Item: Model 01 QC May 2018
Price: 250 EUR (shipping excl.)
Condtion: Like new
Location: Munich, Germany

I’m selling my Model 01 because, Box and all items are available. I’m also including a red 25 - 30 cm RJ45 cable for connecting both sides.

oh God, I am tempted :wink:
Can you post (or mail me - stefan(ät)ploing.de) some pictures?
Is there a specific reason why you are selling your keyboard?


Attached you’ll find a picture of the keyboard. I’m currently at work, so the rest of the stuff is at home.

I cannot get used to it. I’ve had an Advantage Kinesis before and the migration does not work.

Best regards


getting used to it… I guess I have only one way to find out :wink:
Please drop me an email (gerne auf Deutsch, wenn das Deine Muttersprache ist) so we can sort out details about payment and shipping.

Is it still available?


The keyboard is no longer available.