Sorry for the dumb question, but how do you change layers?

I want to press ‘F5’. I’m running the default config. “Num Lock” changes to the Num Lock layer, and I can see F5 is on layer #2, but don’t see any indication in Chrysalis how to enable layer 2.


Being an Atreus user for over 2 years now, I didn’t know either but I found how to switch into “function mode” on this page:

Do about 5 or 6 page downs (depending on your zoom level) and under a pic of the 100 in function key mode it says:

One of the things that makes the Model 100 different is the pair of function keys we’ve placed under your palms. Out of the box, both function keys work the same: If you drop and hold either palm onto the function key, the Model 100 switches into “function mode”.


Aside from that page, is there a way to see that in Chrysalis which key activates which layer?

Click on a key in the editor image and the panel on the right will show what that key does on every level. Is there a way to search for which key shifts or moves or locks to a level; no. After using your new board for a while, you will know without having to look at Chrysalis. You can see on mine that I have all my “shift while held” secondary action keys at the top. They are mirrored symmetrically so I can shift with one hand and hit keys on the other side with the other. Numbers are Level One, right side so I hold down the P key while inputting; I also have a comma and period on Level One for thousands and millions and decimals. Symbols and { } are on One, left side. ( ) is on Zero because I use them a lot.
I have the move to level keys at the bottom; there’s only 2 for moving to One or Three. Two is my function keys, usually accessed by the shift to keys at top. But I have a little trick to lock to Two: I tap “Move to One” twice. On Level One, that key is “Move to Two”. Now locked on Two. Tapping that key again on Level Two will Move to One.
What about getting back to the base level Zero? I reserve the Esc key at lower left for that. On any level that can be moved or locked to, that key will always get me back to Level Zero - very handy when I forget where I am. Atreus doesn’t have any LEDs to indicate levels, but I get along quite nicely without them.
Levels Four and Five can’t be locked to so they don’t have “Move to Zero”. If you lock to a level, make sure you have a way off or you will have to unplug and replug the keyboard.
My Five only has mouse moves on it and I don’t actually use it much because I have a very nice programmable Logitech MX Master laser mouse so I currently can’t get to Five. If I don’t miss it, I’ll clear the level.
Six and 7 (ran out of keyboard memory to type Seven) are totally blank.
Level Zwift has keys used only for Zwift ( and it’s accessed by shifting while held to Four and tapping the ( key which moves to Zwift. And of course, Zwift has a “Move to Zero”