Spanish keyboardio

I have seen pictures of keyboardio and I think that it is the kind of keyboard that I am searching for, but I would like to know if there is an spanish keyboardio with keys that has characters as the “ñ”, and that allows to use the spanish “acento” like this: á, é, í…
I would like to have the keys with the characters printed on them. Is there something similar to that? Or the only way is to configure the Operating System to a spanish keyboard?
I’m asking here because messages sended to keyboardio official website seems to have no response.

All Model01 keyboards ship with US-QWERTY keycaps by default. There are additional keycap sets being produced (black painted blanks, translucent white blanks, Dvorak, Colemak and Linear A sets). I’m not sure if there are plans to offer localized keycaps anytime soon.

Mind you, you can reprogram the keyboard to support nearly any layout you can imagine, it just won’t fully match the labels (unless you use blanks).

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Thanks a lot for the quick response.
Do you where I can buy keycap sets? Thanks

They will be available on once they’re in stock. They’re being produced, and as far as I remember, not all pre-orders have been fulfilled yet, so it will take a little while to have them in stock.

(Note: this is all inferred from kickstarter updates and recent comments on the forums and twitter, I have no special insight.)



As a translator, I have to switch between writing in Spanish and English all the time. I use a QWERTY layout with US-International keyboard setup in Windows, and I can write the accents pressing the ’ key and then the vowel key, and the butterfly key plus the n for ñ (using shift for the uppercase). The butterfly key plus ? gives me the ¿, and butterfly plus 1 gives me ¡. It’s very easy to get used to this, and you don’t need to program the Keyboardio specifically for this.
Hope this info helps,



Ok. Thanks a lot!!!

Hi, @smantik.

The default Model01 firmware does not easily support non-English languages. I have a fork at which tries to support as many languages as possible. Have a look at the “Class 5” keymap and see if it is useful for your purposes. Feedback welcome!