Nordic/Danish characters (guide and question): how english keyinputs map to Danish characters

One of the most difficult things when I started using my Model01, was figuring out how to customize it in a way that works well with Danish and gaming, particularly the former. To my surprise, it seems there simply doesn’t exist any keycodes for writing Nordic characters Æ/Ä, Ø/Ö, and Å. As such, the only way to produce these characters (with a single keystroke) is to set your OS’ language to your respective language and have your input ‘translated’.

The issue is that there isn’t any overview of which the English input results in which Danish output, making it complicated to configure the layout you want. Therefore I’ve decided to document how the input maps to output here:

Right now it’s rather messy, but I plan to clean it up soon.

So far, I’m aware that I don’t know which input is needed to produce \ and |. Feel free to comment here or in the Google Doc.

Hope the overview can be of help!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of keyboard remapping! :slight_smile: You are right, keyboards don’t produce keycodes for specific characters, just keycodes for “second key from the left, third row down” etc. The fact that a keyboard may have characters printed on it is merely a convenience. This is why you always have to set your OS language to match the language of your keyboard, otherwise strange things happen.

Have a look at and let me know if the default “Class 1” keymap is useful to you. Feedback welcome!


I rely on the “compose key” to do it.

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Thanks for the input, I will take a look at your suggestions :slight_smile: @andrewg @lasse