Unboxed, brand new, model 01 up for sale with extra keycaps

Hi, I’m selling a brand new Model 01 keyboard with extra caps. Original pledge:

One Keyboardio Model 01 keyboard. Fully programmable, with a milled hardwood enclosure, mechanical keyswitches, and RGB LEDs. Comes with source code and a screwdriver.

Selling it all for $275 (includes shipping). Based in Switzerland.

Does it comes with the original box and all original items included?

The original parcel is unopened so I’d expect all the original pieces/items to be there :slight_smile:

I can open it and send you pictures if you want.

I don’t know much about keyboardio, sorry. I suppose that it has only one layout, like this: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0920/0728/files/layout-card_grande.png?v=1534877092

I am spanish, and I wanted to know if there is an spanish layout. I’m waiting that someone from keyboardio could respond to me. I sent them some messages five days ago. If there is no spanish layout, I will buy your keyboardio, you don’t need to open it.

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Thanks algernon for clarification. @smantik, please confirm if you want to buy it definitely.

Btw, please get in touch privately for payment method.

I suppose that it is the “quiet” model with the US-QWERTY caps, isn’t it?

You can see if it is the “loud” model or the “quiet” model in the text that appears on one side of the box.

On the side it just says Model 01-Q. In my survey I filled it with:

  • Model 01 keyboard
  • QWERTY keycaps

No idea if QWERTY is US-QWERTY or some other variant…

Ok. It’s a quiet model. Interested. Please, would you send me instructions for payment method by private message?

A deal has been agreed, not accepting more buyers unless it falls through. Thanks everyone.

Well, who did the race?

Not sure I understand what you mean. As with any sale, whoever contacts me and agrees to buy it first at the agreed price gets it. A third person contacted me privately and he/she was the first one to say yes.

I was just joking :wink: The process was somehow intransparent which is obviously due to the fact that both, public and private communication is possible.

Damn. Should have checked the forum yesterday. Am looking for one keyboard from .ch :frowning: