Swapping out keyswitch mechanisms

I’ll second the request for a linear option… or just more switch options overall. I want to buy one of these, but the reviews on Matias switches are a mixed bag and, at this price point, I’m not up for de-soldering all these switches. I’d rather see a Zealios or a Kailh Box Black, or even Cherry RGB Nature White option. Matias actually has a quiet linear switch but at 35g actuation I could never use them - way too light. Now that being said, anyone know where I could find a 20+ sample pack of Matias Quiet Clicks?

Edit: Found these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/281877644506
I usually like to populate one side of a keyboard with switches I’m testing but this is the only option I could find.

I tried to open a key switch according to the photos but it did not work out. Now the plastic looks very worn-out and the switch seems to be defunct*. Could someone who managed to open her switches provide a brief how-to, please?

Thank you very much.

(*) It was defunct before, so I tried a bit harder than I would have on functional switches.

To open mine, without breaking anything, I used some small bits of thin but sturdy old insurance card. It could be any type of material as long as it’s strong enough to withstand being slid between the bottom clip and the top portion of the keyswitch. I had two of these small strips that I slid into both sides. The purpose was to push the clips out just enough that they wouldn’t be able to latch. Once you do that, you can lift the top of the key switch out without much force. If you’ve ordered new keyswitches, practice on one of them first so you understand what you’re trying to do.

To install the new linear keyswitch mechanism, I held the keyboard half I was working on upside-down and gently started the new keyswitch mechanism into the matching empty bottom. Once you feel some friction and before you press it all the way down, press the keyswitch a few times, you should hear the spring center itself. You can then safely press it all the way down and clip it in without bending the spring. Hope that helps.

Honestly, it might be simpler to desolder and replace the whole switch, if it’s now broken.

Thank you for that helpful explanation. I will give it a try, out of ambition. Maybe I can repair it temporarily until the new switches arrive.