Tenting Angle & Set-up - 10 Degrees? 50 Degrees? More?

Was curious, what has been the most comfortable tenting angle for you? I own a sideways Evoluent Mouse which I love and intrigued with the concept of different tenting options.
For more extreme tenting (say 20 degrees or more), do users’ hands/arms get tired having them suspended in midair without resting on keyboard or a palm rest?
If so, what rest do you use?
Is Extreme tenting only used for keyboards mounted to a chair’s arm rests?

I use a HAG Capisco chair which doesn’t have arm rests. If extreme tenting can only be comfortably used for a arm rests, would have to consider a different chair. If so, a particular chair people have found comfortable for this?

Is any of these noticeably more comfortable than the default 5-15 degree tenting?

Thank you all!

I’m using a ~50 degree angle at the moment, using a pair of camera mounts, at a standing desk. There’s no chair in sight, let alone one with am arm rest. I found this to be incredibly comfortable, but I do have to rest my arms from time to time. Mind you, I do that anyway, because I don’t spend all day typing. There’s a lot of downtime when I’m thinking, or mousing around (using a trackball, between the keyboard halves), during which I either rest my arms on the table, or just let them hang beside me.


I was using 45-50 degree tenting, along with my Evoluent mouse, and found I had to use arm rests (after developing RSI problems with my left shoulder, from holding my arm in the same position all day).