The joy of ergonomics

With all the other features of the Model 01, the ergonomics are often overlooked. However, after several days of getting used to the key banks, I’m finding that the repetitive stress twinges in my fingers and wrists have all but disappeared. Since I need to type for my living, and regularly spend 10+ hours at a keyboard, this is a tremendous benefit.

I must admit that, without much experience, I had vaguely assumed that “ergonomic” in keyboards was like “organic” in the grocery store – I mean, more of a marketing ploy than a real feature. It turns out that I was very wrong.


I would say 90+% of keyboards labeled as “ergonomic” are a marketing ploy, i.e. they are not really different than “normal” keyboards.

The few that really push on ergonomics are Kinesis Advantage, Esrille Nisse, and, of course, Keyboardio. :slight_smile:

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Same with computer chairs. The Herman Miller Sayl chair I bought last year really does wonders for me, but most of the others advertised as ergonomic are ordinary chairs.


I’ve been using an Aeron (chair) for 10 years. Finally got one for my girlfriend. Now she sees the light too, and appreciates the value of an excellent chair.

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