Transportation suggestions Model 100 and/or keyboard?

I’m looking for suggestions for transporting my keyboard.

Here’s my typical work week:
Monday and Tuesday I work at home.
Wednesday and Thursday I work at the office. I carry only one small bag pack (Osprey Arcane Flap Back) which fits my working laptop, notebook and my personal keyboard (Model 100).

Now, the Model 100 fits in my bag pack, but only with the ‘horizontal’ stand-frame-thingy. I could disassemble the Model 100 every time I go to/leave the office and put it in the special Keyboardio case (and thus bring an extra big fat case), but I’m afraid of destroying the ethernet connector over time.

Any suggestions?

Right now I’m of thinking of keeping the Model 100 just at home and keep the Keychron TKL in my bag pack for the office. But I want to commit to the Model 100.

Personally, I wouldn’t like to travel with the Model 100 every day; it’d quickly get tiring. I’d either buy a second one or make do with another keyboard.

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I’ll second @tiltowaitt above. I used to travel to work with a Model 01, and transporting it wasn’t very convenient. Disassembling my setup at home, taking it to work, reassembling it, then do it all over when going home got tiresome very quickly. I ended up using a different keyboard at work first, then a second Model01.

It’s a great keyboard, and the travel case is fantastic when you go on a vacation, or a longer visit somewhere, but packing it all up and out again so frequently is very tiring, indeed. Transporting it in pretty much any other way has the same problems, you’ll have to set up the tenting/tilting, place the halves at just the right amount apart, and so on. Every single time.

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I’ve been bringing my Model 01 back & forth each day for nearly 3 years now.
After the first few months I bought the carry case, and eventually settled into a routine that works well for me.
A few tips:

  • I use a magnetic USB-C connector so I can just flick the cable on and off and don’t need to worry about wear
  • I use a couple Z camera mounts that I leave at work. I remove the keyboard from the case in the same orientation each time, place it face down, line up the mount, spin the screw until tight, flip, adjust, nudge the cable until it snaps in place. The whole process is maybe 30 seconds now.
  • At home I don’t bother with the mounts. If I really wanted them I’d buy another pair rather than stuffing about with transporting them.

That said, it’s still a pain and I’m really looking forward to my Model 100 arriving so I can leave one at least location.

I was using my Model 01 at work and home. And got tired quite quickly, so i bought a second one.

No difference with the Model100 - i got my first one quite some time ago and took it back and forth using the traveling case.
After a while i just kept the Model01 at work - also because I put clicky switches in the Nodel100 - too loud for the office.

I am so glad, I got my second Model100 - brown boxed switches work great in office - at home I have clicky ones for the fun of it :wink:

for something I use every single day and is a primary device for me, I’d just buy a second one. $300, but you also use it for 15+ hours per week. this is a good time too, lots of people are getting their deliveries and a percentage of them just won’t be able to adjust…so you could get it for significantly less.

I second that. I have it on most of my USB devices, including phone, trackballs, batteries…

One suggestion for people that transport the keyboardio: I use a short (1 foot) Ethernet cable on all my keyboardios, so I have them always connected, and transported in the case with the cable still connected. It works even better on the new cases for the model 100 (instead of the old case for the model 01) because the dividers that hold the cables have a cut out around the area where the cable connects.

Thanks all for the suggestions and tips. I’m considering to bring my Model 100 back to work again.

Today I typed the whole day on a Keychron Q3 TKL. Ugh… such a drag to type on. At least the clicky switches were fun to type on in the office :joy:.

Yeah, I’m starting to get used to the Model 100 layout. The experience is so much nicer. Until I get my hands on second unit, I’m going to bring it to the office from next week on.

I’ve been looking at a fingerpunch ffkb keyboard for travel use. Has a similar aggressive stagger along with trackpad or ball support. DIY though!