Trouble with Kaleidoscope-LED-ActiveModColor

Plugin: Kaleidoscope-LED-ActiveModColor

I didn’t find home page for this plugin, so I had to create a new topic.
The problem is that the indication for modifiers works only after layer switching (via Fn or NumLock). It does not work when you turn on the computer for the first time or after flashing the keyboard.
The firmware was compiled based on the example “Model01-Firmware”. The plugin is activated last in the list (KALEIDOSCOPE_INIT_PLUGINS section).

You might want to submit an issue report at Kaleidoscopes’s github page.

Also, it might help to provide information about whether this problem also existed with older versions of the firmware or if recent changes broke this feature.

FWIW, there is no per-plugin page or github repo. All stock plugins nowadays are bundled in a common repository with the firmware core (this used to be different in the past).