Two (2) Model 01 Quiet Click for sale -- Utah, U. S

I have two Model 01 Quiet Click keyboards for sale. I will sell them separately for $225 plus shipping, or both for $400 plus shipping. They are in excellent condition, all keys work, all LEDs still light. One has a set of keycaps, the other does not. Original packaging. I originally bought 2 so I would have one for office and one for home. Nowadays I am fully work-from-home and I’ve switched to a different keyboard.

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Will you ship to Canada?

I will grab the one with the extra keycaps if you will. $225 + Shipping.


Curious what you switched to. Thanks!

I’ve been using a Majestouch with Cherry MX browns. I’m looking forward to getting back to a split keyboard, but I need to pare down my electronics hoard before we move.

Is the other Model 01 still available? I’ll take it if so (first time on the forum, don’t know how transactions work, but interested!)

I do, I just PMed you on this Discourse instance.

Hi folks, for anyone still interested I’ve sold one and have one left. I can’t seem to edit my post for some reason or I would change the title.

These are both sold now.