Type of possible customization


I am wondering to what extend the Atreus can be customized.
My plan would be to use a standard qwerty layout in layer 1, but have another layer containing all french accented characters, that are usually done for many of them using “composition” (a modifier, for example ', and a letter, for example e, to produce é).

Is that possible ? If I am using a qwerty layout, it seems, I cannot accessed the composed chars.

I though about starting from a french layout, but then in that case, I could not figure out how to recreate the qwerty keys. For example, : ; key does not exist in French keyboard.

Would it be possible to precisely configure a key and use a different char when pressing shift ?

How do you feel ? What would be the best approach ?

Thanks !

Others can probably comment in greater detail, but what you’re proposing likely requires compiling custom firmware.

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Ok, thanks.

It is good to know that this is somewhat possible.

I guess I now need to find a tutorial on how to build a custom firmware :slight_smile:

If changing from QWERTY to Qwerty International is an option, you will have everything you need under the AltGr (right Alt) key :smile:

Are you referring to Qwerty-fr ?

It looks indeed nice. I will try at some point to play with a custom firmware, but this layout is nice as it is useful for me right now.

Thanks !