Atreus Layout : French BÉPO for linux and windows

After few weeks playing with my Atreus keyboard, I come to a quite stable version of my layout that I want to share with you.
My aim was to port a BÉPO layout with this tiny keyboard and having it with standard keyboard parameter on french computer (no driver on windows and default french keyboard on linux).

I keep the initial layout to let any people use the keyboard looking touch. As french azerty and US qwerty are very different for punctuation, this part isn’t done for the moment.

Then I add layers for the BÉPO. With such few touches and to avoid having to many layers, I had to drop some touches I never uses.

For example Fn5 key is the only function key present in my layout. No numpad, but it will probably be the next step for me.

I redefined standard key to match french azerty to be more readable in the sketch file. It’s available at

My layout is also in this repository at

As some characters are not available easily in windows (I use alt code to have them), for example : æ œ, but are standard in linux with AltGr, I add an OS flag. By default, the flag is on windows mode. To shift to linux mode one must press Esc and Shift key simultaneously.

Hoping someones can find help with this.

If you have any question or improvement proposal feel free to contribute to this thread.