Initial French AZERTY layout

Hi everyone,

Here is a first step to touch the french market :
the AZERTY layout.
I try to place all the keys of the classic French 105 ISO keyboard.
I used KLE, and came up with this layout, which looks something like this:


How do you activate alt-gr? Is the single alt key on the keyboard the alt-gr? What if you need regular alt?

You are right, I was a little quick to publish this layout.
I am in the process of preparing, in parallel, the French Drovak provision called BÉPO and I have seen my mistakes.
Here is the new layout.

How about this?

As I told you in the Bépo layout, here is the updated layout :

The last one

Can I make one last suggestion?

Instead of moving the “=+]” key to left-of-6, move the “)°}” key. This has more than a few advantages:

  1. It keeps the brackets nested, and also puts the more commonly used closing brackets closer to their opening counterparts (applies to Belgian AZERTY also)
  2. The same layout will also work for Dvorak ("[{" are to the left of “]}”)
  3. The same layout will also sort-of-work(*) for Hungarian (“ó” stays beside “ö” and “ő”, and “ü” moves closer to “u”)
  4. …and Polish QWERTZ (“ż” is beside “z”)
  5. …and German QWERTZ (“ß” is more easily touch-typable)

And it makes little difference to BÉPO, or any other language layout where both these keys are unpaired symbols – including vanilla QWERTY, where a more touch-typable location for “-” would be an improvement.

(*) Hungarian is just weird, because it puts “0” to the left of “1”.

Of course we can. But we will can not use the same keymap anymore for other layouts.
But I agree, the layout will be better.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Which layouts do you think it won’t work for?

I mean that If want to use the same layout for AZERTY, BÉPO or an other one like it is allready done with classic keyboards.

But as I said above, I’ve mapped it to Dvorak, AZERTY, BEPO and a few QWERTZ layouts, and they all seem sort-of reasonable to my eye. Of course, we really need some native speakers to adjudicate on that…

You’re right. I was misunderstood what you said.
For me it works (for french layouts :yum:).

For me it works for Dvorak. Maybe we should join forces. :wink: