ISO-FR 2019 Layout - The AZERTY update (cf. NF Z71-300)

After years of lurking the M01, patiently waiting for Azerty keysets to appear, I’ve took the matter in my own hands. I’m in the last steps to assess if I press the button or not (if not I’ll go with an ErgoDox). While doing so I’m playing with the layouts to understand what I’ll be dealing with.

While in that process, and independently from my yet to come final decision, I figured I’d could also contribute to the community sharing ideas. Here is my take at the recently revised french azerty layout, according to the published norm NF Z71-300.

Have to say I’m not a current user of that norm (my devices still use the old not-really-normed original one), but if you are interested you can find various stickers sources (1, 2, 3) to update your input devices.

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Hi, fneuf.

I believe the Class1 layout here ( should be equally usable for both old and new AZERTY layouts. Would you mind giving it a try and letting me know how well it works for you? Thanks. :slight_smile:

If I pull the plug and buy an M01, I’ll be pleased to try it.
Have you also included Bépo in your firmware?

EDIT : autoanswer, yes Bépo is included.