BÉPO Layout definition (Key missing ?)


I have finally received my brand new Model-01 Keyboard. And now, I can play with it :slight_smile:
I have fork the Model01-Firmware to re-program the layout to match my definition in “French Drovak layout : BÉPO” topic.
Thanks to @andrewg : I use your style to define aliases and keymaps separated to the ino file.
Thanks too @michael : The pull request for adding lang definitions files in Kaleidoscope. I prepare also the lang files for BÉPO and AZERTY. And I use it in my firmware fork.

My question is the original firmware is base on US QWERTY, but a key is missing for other countries.
I’m trying to find :
#~ in UK (QWERTY)
*µ in FR (AZERTY)
çÇ in FR (BÉPO)

for US keyboard it’s the same key as
\| in UK or US (QWERTY)
<> in FR (AZERTY)
êÊ in FR (BÉPO)

I search in the key_defs_keyboard.h file and don’t find anything.

An idea ?

Since you are saying it is \ or | in the US Layout. Did you try with Key_Backslash and Key_Pipe?

No it’s not what I want but I think I finally find it : Key_NonUsBackslashAndPipe