Any bépo users out there?

Are there any owners of the Keyboardio model 01 using the French layout called BÉPO on this forum ? I have some questions about it.
Merci !

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Hi Guillaume,

I do own a M01 and was using BÉPO with it. Sadly, I accidentally reflashed the firmware and now I cannot find a way to make it work properly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Spent hours trying to flash C3ltic’s firmware, copy/pasted his layout within the default firmware and successfully flashed, but no way… I get some mutant bépo layout and cannot get the ç or w in their expected places.

If you manage to solve the problem, I’d be more than happy to know :wink:


Could also be some conflict within Windows, since I use the bépo layout support from

All in all, it’s just as if flashing the modified firmware has no influence whatsoever on the result :expressionless:

Hello @mumu, @GuilC,

The latest firmwares use the layout saved in flash memory and can be edited using chrysalis, any layout set in code / EEPROM is not used.

I do not know which firmware version you are running, but you might want to try and connect to the keyboard with the chrysalis application and under “keyboard settings” disable the “use custom layers only” option. This will allow you te set you layout in the ino firmware file.

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If you can’t get Celtic’s firmware working you could try mine, which uses a very similar layout in its default configuration:

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I fear I can’t be of any help since I have no idea how to work with firmwares and so on.
I got my keyboards 2 days ago and till now, I have only installed Chrysalis and played a little bit with it.
Actually, the bépo-fr pilot is installed on my computer, so I just wanted to change some couples of things, like the position of W Z and Ç, switching the position of some keys. I could do it so far with Chrysalys, but would be really interested to know how to import another firmware.

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Hi dk88,
This is interesting since I am getting familiar with Chrysalis, but where can I find the ino file of other layouts?
Thank you so much!

Thank you @dk88 and @andrewg for the replies. I’ll check this out ASAP and keep you posted :wink:

Got the following errors during verification of your firmware :

In function 'void anyKeyMacro(uint8_t)':

Model01-Firmware:122:13: error: 'Key {aka union kaleidoscope::Key}' has no member named 'setKeyCode'

Model01-Firmware:122:30: error: 'Key {aka union kaleidoscope::Key}' has no member named 'getKeyCode'

Model01-Firmware:127:18: error: 'class kaleidoscope::Kaleidoscope_' has no member named 'hid'

Model01-Firmware.ino: In function 'void toggleLedsOnSuspendResume(kaleidoscope::plugin::HostPowerManagement::Event)':

Model01-Firmware:178:16: error: 'class kaleidoscope::plugin::LEDControl' has no member named 'disable'

Model01-Firmware:181:16: error: 'class kaleidoscope::plugin::LEDControl' has no member named 'enable'

But once commented out, it compiled like a charm. Now everything seems to be working fine.

Thank you so much once again for pointing your firmware out to me :grinning:

By the way, how did you manage to implement the BÉPO layout within Chrysalis ?

Thanks in advance !

@MuMu Have you updated your Arduino/hardware tree recently? Commit 8f193dfd (8 Jan 2020) applies those changes to LEDControl, and if you haven’t kept all the dependencies up to date it will complain. Similarly for setKeyCode/getKeyCode, which was updated in commit 25d21b6, 12 Nov 2019.

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I didn’t implement any layout actually. The BÉPO layout is the standard layout on my computer. So, the layout appearing in Chrysalys is actually the standard one (QWERTY). I only changed a couple of thing, like the position of Z and W for example. For this, I have to find the corresponding key on the QWERTY layout. That’s why I asked how to import an external layout into Chrysalis and where to find it. I wouldn’t like to go deeper into command codes and so on at the moment, since I am still not sure, I will keep this keyboard. I really like my Truly Ergonomic and I am still waiting for its successor, which I pre-ordered last year. There are so little things which I don’t like that much in the Keyboardio (the switches are not the best) and the thumb cluster is not as easy to use as I thought, because of the palm key too, but maybe it’s a matter of time. I’ll keep practising.

Thanks for the hint, I’ll look into this :+1:

edit : You were right, updating all keyboardio libraries solved the issue. The firmware compiled like a charm :grinning:

Thanks again!

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OK, I get it. Yeah it’s a bit of a hassle to find the right key on the QWERTY layout :grinning:

@GuilC, I have a personal modified bépo layout for Model01 that I use everyday. I give you my repository link if you can find anything useful for you. There are several modules installed, but also a bépo header and a layout picture which can help you too!

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@BenjaminGalliot Hi, thank you for the link to your repository and the layout picture, it looks quite interesting. I’ll have a deeper look at it as soon as I have more time. Thanks a lot !

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