Typing fast when some keys are mapped to something LSHIFTed sucks, because the LSHIFT bleeds over

My function-layer layout is set up such that “:” is under my left index finger (the key labeled F) and “=” is under my right index finger (the key labeled J). The implementation of this essentially uses LSHIFT(Key_Semicolon) on the left, and Key_Equals on the right. (I actually use LSHIFT(Key_Z) and Key_RightBracket, because I keep the laptop’s onboard keyboard in dvorak, so I need to reverset-translate all the keys on my Keyboardio, but that’s a different story.) Anyway, I have this problem then I’m typing fast which is that the LSHIFT carries over longer than it should. Example, which I generated by holding down ‘FN’ and alternating between hitting the keys labeled F and J:


Is there any way to “limit” the LSHIFT modifier so that it doesn’t bleed over into other keys when I’m typing fast? (I actually have this problem in a bunch of different places, this one was just the easiest to illustrate.)

Yes, there is. See PR #317.

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