virtualhereUSB - or another option how to change layout on android

hi, I’m travelling with just my lovely Atreus and android phone (with samsung DEX). I’d need a change in the atreus layout. how to do it, when not able to run chrysalis?

one idea was to remotely connect to my home pc and share the keyboard to it via virtualhereUSB (remotely shares any usb device over LAN).
it seems to work, I’m able to connect to the keyoard (connected to my phone) from the chrysalis (running on my PC).

however, it behaves very strangely. the loaded layout on the keyboard seems messed up. some (but not all) keys are shohwn off by one spot, shifted one column to the left.
very strange, as virtualehere should be totally transparent…
(i’ll be able to post screenshots next week, when back home)

anybody else tried to connect chrysalis with your keyboard via virtualhere?
or another idea how to make changes to the layout from android?